Stained Concrete Patio

There are many people who are very fond of decorating their patio and making it comfortable so that guests and family members can a have a good time on the patio. Awnings, tables and designer outdoor furniture are not needed for the décor of the patio. The only thing that needs to be done in this respect is to change the color and the seal that is found at the base of the patio. Stained Concrete Patio is considered to be a very simple, easy and a cost effective way to make this big block appear sturdy and good. However, people who are trying to make use of this kind of patio should remain aware of certain points that have to be kept in mind while trying to go for the concrete staining of the patio.

The steps are as follows:

The perfect choice of the stain

Choosing the perfect stain that would be best for the patio and then going for the purchase of this stain is very important because the choice of the stain is the factor on which the look of the patio depends. Stains of different varieties are available in the market but the best thing to do is to go for the choice of concrete stains because they provide ultimate décor to the patio and at the same time they also help in making the patio appear clean and useable.

Stained Concrete PatioGo for the pressure wash

This is a very strong and important step that needs to be taken after purchasing the correct Stained Concrete Patio. Pressure washing is extremely important for the entire concrete area of the patio because this wash ensures that there would be no dirt accumulation on the stained area of the patio. In other words, it can be said that pressure wash avoids any kind of spotting on the stained concrete patio. A power washer can always be appointed for this purpose because he might have the knowledge and the experience in doing away with the grime and the dirt on the patio.

Cutting and soaking the grass

The next step that should follow the pressure wash is cutting and soaking the grass around the patio in water. This step also helps in doing away with the dirt that accumulates on the stained concrete patio. The grass around the patio when soaked in water creates a protective zone for the patio and avoids any kind of filth and dirt from accumulating in the area while the patio is drying after the pressure wash. If this step is not followed then it can turn out to be very frustrating to go for the pressure wash once again in order to get rid of the dirt accumulated on the patio.

Acid wash

Acid wash is also needed by the concrete patio before the application of the stain because acid washing the concrete patio would help in killing the dirt and the germs that are contained in the air. Acid washing also helps in doing away with the harmful agents that can have a great effect on the concrete content of the patio. People going for the acid wash of the concrete patio should remain very careful because this step involves the use of strong chemicals that can have adverse effects on the health of an individual. The material also needs to be left for forty eight hours so that it can dry.

Applying the stain

Once all the above steps are completed, a paint roller needs to be attached to a very long pole and the stain should be spread over the patio. The first coat of the stain needs to be left for drying for at least twenty four hours and then the second coat should be applied on the patio. This step is also very important because the first coat gets settled as a primer coat on the concrete and makes the second coat appear great once it is applied.

The time span

The concrete staining of patio can be completed within a time span of three days where most of the time goes in waiting for the first coat and the acid wash to dry. A home owner can take up some self initiative and try out this process himself at home without taking the help of a professional. The only thing that is required to be done in this context is to remain careful and to follow all the steps so that the process can be carried out in the smooth and quick way.